Ross, Colin and Alvin Pam.
Pseudoscience in Biological Psychiatry: Blaming the Body

Lately, it seems that not a day passes without the media proclaiming yet another sensational breakthrough in the search for the physical origins of mental illness. But beyond all the fanfare and media hype, is there a single shred of hard, empirical evidence to substantiate the existence of “a gene for alcoholism,” or “the brain chemistry behind schizophrenia”? More to the point, in fact, is it scientifically sound to limit the search for the roots of mental illness to processes occurring within the body, while dismissing socioeconomic, familial, and experiential influences as, at best, mere “triggering mechanisms”?

And, if not, what harm is being done by psychiatry’s current obsession with these somatic chimeras? This groundbreaking book offers answers to those questions and more. While Dr. Ross and Professor Pam clearly assert from the outset that biological psychiatry “is dominated by a reductionist ideology which distorts and misrepresents much of its research,” this is by no means a raw polemic voiced by an overzealous opposition. Instead, it is a reasoned discourse based on a clear-sighted and methodical examination of the professional literature. Purchase through Amazon