Hobart, Angela.
Healing Performances of Bali: Between Darkness and Light

Contemporary western societies have tended to proclaim a separation between the scientific and artistic, or the human and non-human. In Bali, these dimensions are intertwined as this study shows. Although the island is undergoing rapid change and modernization, the traditional medical system, which includes myth, movement, dialogue, comedy, and a spectacular masking tradition, has remained an integral part of Bali society.

It is deeply embedded in a network of social relations that extends far beyond the parameters of the rituals themselves. The healing performances discussed in this book take into account healing by spirit mediums and scholarly healers, the masked ritual drama, and the shadow theater. These animated performances take place during the annual religious festival that is aimed at individual well being as well as social regeneration, brought to life in this volume through rich illustrative material. Purchase through Amazon