Fernando, Suman.
Mental Health, Race and Culture

This powerful text offers a unique analysis of the impact of race and culture on contemporary issues in mental health. Drawing on extensive international experience, Fernando, considered one of the foremost commentators in the field, challenges the traditional ideas that inform practice in clinical psychology and psychiatry in order to promote new and alternative ways of thinking.

Covering both theoretical perspectives and practical implications, this insightful text discusses perceptions of ethnicity and identity, compares practices around the world and looks at racism in mental health services. Topics new to the third edition include:

  • Trauma and psychosocial support
  • The new discourses in mental health of recovery, spirituality and well-being
  • The mental health of refugees
  • Specific developments in low-income countries, including Asia and Africa

This fully revised, expanded and updated edition of a seminal text offers students and practitioners alike a comprehensive and reliable study of both western and non-western psychiatry and mental health practices. Purchase through Amazon